Cassis Rose Soy Candle

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Scented candles handcrafted in Portugal with soy wax and cotton wicks. 


Top notes of marigold, grapefruit, orange and cassis are tamed by the delicate charm of the rose and backed by a heady cocktail of precious woods, amber and white flowers that will arouse your senses. 

Directions for use:

Light your aromatic candle for at least two hours, letting the entire surface of the candle melt, not more than 4 hours at a time. Before you light it again, trim the wick leaving it as small as 5MM when needed. This prevents the flame from getting too high and producing smoke and maximizing the duration of the candle.

Duration S: 50 hours
L: 100 hours
Size S: 80cm DIA x 10cm H
L: 12.5cm DIA x 8cm H
Weight S: 225gr / 7.94oz
L: 500gr / 17.64oz

100% vegetable wax (soy and coconut), fragrance and cotton wick.