Natural Bamboo Lamp

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The lighting in your house is just as important a factor as your furniture or decor. A well-lit room can add character, life, and positivism to your living.

Bamboo lights are multipurpose - Bamboo lights serve purposes in ways more than one. They add to the aesthetic tones of your interiors. With their intricate and elegant design, they are a treat to the eye for adorning your living place.

Lights and aesthetics - Their minimalistic and straightforward design subtly adds to the grace of wherever they happen to be placed. This is also what makes them apt to be placed any and everywhere. The subtle and minimalistic craft is only one of its many highlights.

Environment Friendly - Another highlight for these lights are the fact that they aren’t made of materials like plastic or artificial materials, which makes them safe and eco friendly. Rima Shop is highly driven by the credo of sustainable living. 

Compact - Bamboo lights look not only good, they also take up less space. They can be just the perfect companion for your room’s décor to you, be it on your office desk or at your study table. 

Natural ceiling plug included.