UNIQUE Collection: Dark Yellow Stripes

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This basket is part of a unique collection of fine weave baskets, this means there is no other like these, we carry several in this collection but they are all different. So if you really like one of these do not think twice! These baskets are versatile and will be great storing small goods anywhere in the house or use it as a vase since they are perfectly shaped for it and will look great paired with a beautiful plant! Their simplicity and beauty make them a timeless piece that will always look great. 

How they are made

In the unique baskets collection the weavers group produces baskets to their own personal designs, choosing the patterns and dyes that best showcase their talents. These baskets are unique pieces, hand woven from the indigenous sisal plant and then hand dyed.

The Basket Room works with weaving cooperatives in several rural corners of Africa. Where once the weavers in this group used to have to travel to Nairobi to sell their woven baskets, today The Basket Room places regular and fairly-paid orders. Working with these cooperatives helps women to support their families with a fair and flexible income in the dry seasons, where subsistence farming often fails to meet the family’s needs.


Materials: Sisal 
Dimensions: 28cm DIA x 23cm H

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.